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We specialise in gutter cleaning, and the installation of high-quality gutter protection systems.

Whether your building is structured for residential or commercial purposes, it's crucial to the health and safety of visitors and residents that gutters be kept clean all year round.

Our versatile range of gutter guards have been expertly designed and skilfully crafted to ensure water flows freely through your gutters at all times.

Call us now on 1300 MR GUTTER (1300 674 888) to hire a gutter cleaner or request an assessment for gutter guard installation. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to help!

Mr Gutter Guard Gutter Protection Systems

Installing gutter protection on a home or commercial property is what we do best, and we work with some of the most credible Australian gutter guard suppliers to provide outstanding products and services to our clients Melbourne-wide.

We offer a selection of the highest quality gutter guards made from sturdy materials including aluminium, polymesh and steel, all available in a massive range of colours and styles to suit any gutter on any home, office, school, shopping centre – you name it, our gutter guards will do the job!

Not only does adding gutter protection decrease the frequency of which your gutters need to be cleaned, but there are many other benefits quality gutter guards can provide.

Mr Gutter Guard's fine gutter mesh
Mr Gutter Guard at work installing gutter guard

Why Install Gutter Protection?

Here's the thing; when your gutters are clogged it puts the entire building and anybody in it at risk. Professionally installed gutter protection works to combat the following problems and more...

• Blockages that cause water to sit in gutters triggering leaks that can lead to structural and foundational damage.

• Excessive blockages where water and debris accumulate causing gutters and downpipes to burst in periods of heavy rainfall.

• Growth of harmful moss, lichens, mould and other fungi that not only eat away at wooden structures but may also cause allergies and irritate respiratory conditions.

• Holes in guttering where pests like birds, rodents, snakes and possums enter the property.

• Airborne embers in fire-prone areas that carry on the wind and land in debris filled gutters, increasing the risk of sparks catching the home alight.

• Safety risks associated with DIY gutter cleaning, as well as money spent on gutter cleaning services if you choose to outsource.

Get in touch with us today and we'll send a technician to carry out a detailed gutter and roof inspection to see which gutter protection option is right for your building.

We do it all!

From providing an exceptional gutter clean to installing the best gutter guards in Australia, Mr Gutter Guard staff are fully trained in delivering a comprehensive service.

We inspect the roof and gutter, carry out a full clean and remove any vines, debris, rubbish and objects in the general vicinity, install the gutter protection system that is the best fit for your individual residential or commercial building and offer a clean up service after the fact…you don't need to worry about a thing throughout the entire installation process.

Get in touch with us today and allow us to add an extra element of protection to your property!

Mr Gutter Guard's custom roofing and gutter protection

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